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I offer work in Information Technology. Keywords: Software Packaging, Open Source, Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, System Administration, Linux, Unix, Email, DNS network technology, LDAP Directory servers, Loadbalancing and Failover (Linux-HA's Heartbeat), Database servers (PostgreSQL, MySQL), Web technology (PHP, Apache). My Curriculum Vitae / resumé is available in HTML and PDF. See also the ad 1810 website.

BalCCon, sept 2016

BalCCon2k16, September 2016, Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia: international hacker community gathering, by LUGoNS (Linux Users Group of Novi Sad).

SHA2017: The Dutch Hacker Camp

There's gonna be a hacker camp in The Netherlands in 2017; a follow up of

1989 GHP
1993 HEU
1997 HIP
2001 HAL
2005 WTH
2009 HAR
2013 OHM.
It's called SHA2017; brought to you by the ifcat-crew e.a.

juli 2016: Bladel Totaal Festival

Bladel Totaal Festival. Gezellig!

midsummernight, june 2016, Fête de la Musique, Eindhoven

Juni 2016, midzomernacht: Fête de la Musique, Eindhoven, inkijkmuseum.

eind mei 2016 (pinksterweekend), Appelscha: Pinksterlanddagen

Zie tzt op de Pinksterlanddagen website de aankondiging met meer details.

mei 2016: Ring Ring, Belgrade, Serbia

May 2016, likely the excellent Ring Ring cultural festival will take place in Belgrade.

feb 2016: Carnaval

7 - 9 februari 2016: Carnaval.

sat 30 and sun 31 januari 2016: FOSDEM, Brussels

FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate. Every year, thousands of developers of free and open source software from all over the world gather at the event in Brussels. No registration necessary; sponsored by Université Libre de Bruxelles FOSDEM 2016 will take place at ULB Campus Solbosch on Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 January 2016.

jan 2016: Küstendorf

jan 2016 Küstendorf International Film and Music Festival. Drvengrad, Mokra Gora, Serbia.

28 & 29 nov 2015: T-DOSE

sat 28 and sun 29 november 2015: T-DOSE: T-DOSE is a free yearly event held in The Netherlands to promote use and development of Open Source Software. During this event Open Source projects, developers and visitors exchange ideas and knowledge. This years event will be held on 28 and 29 November 2015 at the Fontys University of Applied Science in Eindhoven.

vr 27 nov: 15 years joostvb *at* debian *dot* org

joostvb *at* debian *dot* org started on nov 27, 2000: 15 years ago today.

zo 22 nov 2015: Warandeloop

Warandeloop Tilburg, vr 20 t/m zo 22 november.

vr 30 okt 2015: enosig

vrijdag 30 oktober 2015: 15 jaar enosig! \o/

eerste weekend oktober 2015: 25 jaar burgers

Eindhovense ontmoetingsplaats (en één van de uitvalsbases van vrije software-groep enosig) Burgers werd in de nacht van 11 op 12 augustus 1990 gekraakt.

vr 2, za 3 en zo 4 oktober 2015: 25 jaar burgers.

Graffiti in Belgrade


уто, 29. сеп 2015.: blog post by Rodney Folz

"Selling Out and the Death of Hacker Culture - We’ve sold each other for profit and lost what makes us happy." by Rodney Folz, about hackatons, past and present:

"[...] there was now a judging process; there were now first, second, and third places, with associated prizes. I remember these prizes being alluring — people were less willing to talk about what they were building, less willing to help others debug, because that was time they could spend building their hack. And if they had the best hack, they could beat everyone else and take first place. Yahoo! might even hire them."

Selling Out and the Death of Hacker Culture

Mon Sep 28 2015: moodle

moodle_2.7.10+dfsg-1_all.deb uploaded to debian/unstable: new moodle security upload.

чет, 24. сеп 2015.: another talk by Maciej Cegłowski

What happens Next Will Amaze You, about Privacy, Advertising, Communism; text version of a talk given on September 14, 2015, at the FREMTIDENS INTERNET conference in Copenhagen, Denmark by Maciej Cegłowski.

Wed Sep 23 2015: the internet of incompatible things

The Internet of Incompatible Things, a nice blog post^Wrant by Matthew Garrett:

The dystopian future we're heading towards isn't Gibsonian giant megacorporations engaging in physical warfare, it's one where buying a new toaster means replacing all your lightbulbs or discovering that the code making your home alarm system work is now considered a copyright infringement. Is there a market where I can invest in IP lawyers?

уто, 22. сеп 2015.: tilburg debates its city center

Tilburg Stad van Mensen - Actiecomité Behoud StadsKantoor 1, over "Rondje Leegstand" Brabants Dagblad bericht erover. Suzan de Groot-Fikke geeft in haar "Nummer 23"-blog een ode aan Tilburg (9 augustus 2015).

пон, 21. сеп 2015.: incubate

Incubate: A festival of music and independent culture. 14 - 20 September 2015, Tilburg. Jostijn Ligtvoet took a nice picture of me:

Saw 2 very nice movies @ incubate festival 2015: Do it together: A Documentary about independent music. Featuring OCCI, Vrankrijk, Steve Albini, The Ex, Repetitor e.a. And: Death Metal Angola, by Jeremy Xido, 2012 (also on IMDB).

Other things learned @ this years' incubate: Marc Ruijgrok (★ 1953) is a great artist. My personal musical highlights for this edition:

пон, 21. сеп 2015.: uruk

uruk version 20150921 - The Prishtinë Release published; new Debian package uruk_20150921-1_all.deb uploaded to unstable. Uruk is a very small firewall script, for configuring Linux iptables and thus securing your GNU/Linux system. You can read what's new in the uruk tarball.

нед, 13. сеп 2015.: systraq

New systraq release, since more than six years (previous release: december 2008). Presenting: systraq version 20150913 - The de Sy à My release.

сре, 9. сеп 2015: rip de vloek

De Vloek is ontruimd. Laatste cultureel aktieve kraakpand in Nederland voor zover ik weet. (BTW: vergeet niet: Knoflook in Den Bosch!)

zo 6 sept 2015: Tilburg Ten Miles

zo 6 september 2015: Tilburg Ten Miles. Ik liep 16,1 km.

Previous results:

nov 2014 5    km   23:16 Warandeloop

sep 2013 16.1 km 1:26:16 TTM

nov 2012 10   km   46:15 Warandeloop
sep 2012 16.1 km 1:26:09 TTM

nov 2011 10   km   45:03 Warandeloop
sep 2011 16.1 km 1:29:22 TTM

nov 2009  5   km   24:30 Warandeloop

Resultaten van TTM van dit jaar, voor Tilburg University-mensen (de namen zijn modulo mensen die op t laatste moment invielen voor anderen die er niet bij waren) en enige anderen: link . ik

1  M1  Bernard Koech        Kenia              45:20
2  M14 John Langat          Kenia              45:37
3  M9  Yohanes Ghebregergis Eritrea            45:36
4  M3  Gilbert Kirwa        Kenia              45:40
5  M7  Vincent Chepkok      Kenia              45:49
6  M2  Kenneth Kipkemoi     Kenia              46:26
7  M8  Wilson Too           Kenia              46:34
8  M5  Abdi Nageeye         Cifla, .nl         46:39
9  M4  Khalid Choukoud      Haag Atletiek, .nl 46:40
10 M13 Scott Overall        Groot-Brittannië   47:54

20450 Menno van Zaanen      1:05:53
20462 Barend Wind           1:07:25
20451 Sander Wetzels        1:10:24

20465 Jelle Sijtsema        1:13:04
20468 Dennis van Ginneken   1:14:29
20453 Reyer Gerlagh         1:15:11
20467 Diederik van Iwaarden 1:16:28
5889  Debian Stappers Breda 1:16:38
685   Corno Vromans Goirle  1:17:07

20457 Frank Diepmaat        1:19:39
20452 Sander Smit           1:20:01
20458 Janneke Janssen       1:21:52
20454 Ron Dijkstra          1:23:36

20463 Per van der Wijst     1:26:33
20461 Frank van Oirschot    1:26:59
20469 Jeroen van Alphen     1:28:14
20464 Joost van Baal-Ilić   1:29:03
M195 Philip Eijlander Tlbrg 1:30:29
20459 Harrie Verbon         1:30:42
20455 Eric van Damme        1:31:03
20456 Adele Roelofs         1:31:06

20466 Petra Dickhaut        1:34:50

20460 Karen Leurs           1:40:00
Naam             Joost van Baal
Woonplaats       Tilburg University
Afstand          Brabants Dagblad Tilburg Ten Miles
Categorie        B10EM
Totaal plaats    3194 / 5346
Categorie plaats 594 / 992
Snelheid         10,842 km/uur
5 km              27:45
10 km             56:30
Bruto tijd      1:38:18
Netto tijd      1:29:03

нед, 6. сеп 2015.: publicfile

publicfile-installer_0.11-1_all.deb and sources got uploaded to anonymous-ftp-master at ftp.upload.debian.org:/pub/UploadQueue/ . New publicfile installer .deb which installs publicfile_0.52-7.debian.tar.xz. publicfile is DJB's webserver. See also this publicfile patch collection and Debian Bug #122614.

суб, 5. сеп 2015: rennen

42 minuten. Geen idee hoe ver m'n rondje was.

Fri Sep 4 2015: de vloek independence

De Vloek declares independence / De Vloek roept de onafhandelijkheid uit Hellingweg 127, Den Haag / Scheveningen, weekend zaterdag 5 en zondag 6 september

уто, 1. сеп 2015.: new releases incoming

Incoming: new Debian releases of uruk, systraq. Watch this area.

Fri Aug 7 2015: publicfile

Date: Fri Aug  7 18:39:17 2015
From: Debian testing watch 
Subject: publicfile-installer 0.10-1 MIGRATED to testing

Fri Aug 7 2015: docker

Docker: evil spawn or useful tool: nice blog post by Jamie McClelland.

уто, 4. авг 2015.: irc

I'm using IRC for online chat since about 2000. (joostvb @ oftc, freenode, ...). Here's some history of IRC.

пон, 3. авг 2015.: running

50 minutes, "Olympia" - Pompstationweg/Bredaseweg vv. (10, maybe 11 km.)

2 aug 2015: dnssec

Working on hardening my DNS zones with DNSSEC. I'll keep you posted: watch this area. (Credits: Casper Gielen.)

чет, 30. јул 2015.: running

Ran, 1 hour, from TiU studentssportcenter "Olympia" - Bredaseweg 546 vv. (10, maybe 11 km.)

уто, 28. јул 2015: not webdesign

Nice essay, not about webdesign but about much more interesting topics: Web Design: The First 100 Years by Maciej Cegłowski (thanks, Randy Bush, Vesna Manojlovic and the unciv list for passing.

уто, 28. јул 2015: publicfile

From: Debian FTP Masters <ftpmaster@ftp-master.d.o>
To: Joost van Baal-Ilić <joostvb@d.o>
X-DAK: dak process-policy
X-Debian: DAK
X-Debian-Package: publicfile-installer
Subject: publicfile-installer_0.10-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable, unstable
Message-Id: <E1ZJqS0-0006lJ-Ab@franck.debian.org>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 22:00:48 +0000

after 2 months: accepted \o/

publicfile-installer_0.10-1_all.deb and sources got uploaded to anonymous-ftp-master at ftp.upload.debian.org:/pub/UploadQueue/ on may 20.

Jul 17 2015: plaatje

Piet De Vaere shared his insightfull SHA2017 Joke Flowchart .

Jul 16 2015: moodle

Uploaded moodle (2.7.9+dfsg-1) to Debian unstable. Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is a course management system - a software package designed to help educators create quality online courses.

суб, 11. јул 2015: hrast drvo

A 600 year old holy oak tree (hrast drvo) in Gornji Milanovac, Serbia, is planned to get chopped down to make way for the "Koridor 11" road.

GORNJI MILANOVAC - Hrast-zapis star 600 godina koji se nalazi na trasi Koridora 11, biće posečen, a na mestu gde se nalazio izgradiće se spomen-park, saopštilo je Ministarstvo građevinarstva, infrastrukture i saobraćaja Srbije.

Kurir newspaper reports.

Wed Jul 8 2015: Cyanide & Happiness

Cyanide & Happiness is nice.

Wed Jul 8 2015: Oracle, Autotools

Created a patch for autoconf-archive's m4/ax_lib_oracle_oci.m4: Add support for Oracle 12: do not try to link to nnz10 but to nnz12.

Update Fri Sep 25 2015: it got applied \o/

Some good reads: English Paul Ford on "What is Code?" for Bloomberg Businessweek june 11, 2015; and Dutch De gevolgen van het kraakverbod: hoe in Nederland belangrijke podia verdwijnen door Niels Backer for noisey.vice.com. Also: rediscovered Learn Python the Hard Way by Zed A. Shaw.

пон, 8. јун 2015.: uruk

New uruk release: uruk-20150608.tar.gz. Uruk is a very small firewall script, for configuring Linux iptables and thus securing your GNU/Linux system. This is uruk version 20150608 - The Oude Leije Release. Upgrading is only interesting for those who'd like to run uruk with ye olde bash <= 3.2. You can read what's new in the uruk tarball.

A even newer uruk version will, deo volente, get shipped with the up-up-upcoming Debian buster release. This version 20150608 (or a newer one) will likely end up in the up-upcoming Debian stretch (testing, upcoming stable) release. Debian jessie (stable) ships with 20140627-1; Debian wheezy (oldstable) ships uruk 20120608.1-1. (Debian squeeze (oldoldstable) ships uruk 20080330-1.; lenny shipped 20080330-1; etch shipped 20051027-1.)

Uruk is shipped with Ubuntu Linux, via the universe component. Ubuntu vivid comes with 20140627-1, utopic with 20140627-1, lucid with 20080330-1.

An updated Uruk RPM: uruk-20150608-2.noarch.rpm is released: special build for ancient Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases.

There's also a special .deb build for Debian lenny (oldoldoldstable). Contact me in the very unlikely case you're interested in that one. :)

2015-05-10: biesbosch

2015-05-10: biesbosch. .

Thu Apr 2 2015: password expiry on old Unix systems

How to extend user account lifetime on a Tru64 Unix OSF1 V5.1 system: we use usermod(8) (Modifies a user's login information on the system) and login(8) (Signs the user on to the system).

 root@slagroom /# uname -a
 OSF1 slagroom V5.1 2650 alpha

 root@slagroom /# login -f rms

 Last   successful login for rms: Thu Apr  2 14:16:12 CEST 2015 from monty-python.example.com
 Last unsuccessful login for rms: NEVER
 Your password will expire on Wed Apr 22 13:38:16 CEST 2015
 Compaq Tru64 UNIX V5.1B (Rev. 2650); Wed Nov  3 15:27:29 CET 2004

 rms:slagroom> exit

 root@slagroom /# usermod -x administrative_lock_applied=0 -x passwd_lifetime=0 \
  -x passwd_expire_time=0 -x passwd_min_change_time=0 \
  -x passwd_expire_date=01/01/2020 rms

 root@slagroom /# login -f rms
 Last   successful login for rms: Thu Apr  2 14:37:00 CEST 2015 on pts/24
 Last unsuccessful login for rms: NEVER
 Compaq Tru64 UNIX V5.1B (Rev. 2650); Wed Nov  3 15:27:29 CET 2004

 rms:slagroom> exit

 root@slagroom /#

пон, 30. мар 2015.: Johan Bävman

Lynzy Billing reports on Johan Bävman's "Swedish Dads" photo project, for BuzzFeed, march 2015.


пет, 27. мар 2015.: doghousediaries

Doghousediaries by willrayraf: still good: .

сре, 25. мар 2015.: ucto

Uploaded ucto version 0.5.5-1 to Debian experimental.

Fresh .deb's of foliatools, libfolia, timblserver, mbtserver, dimbl, frog and frogdata will get uploaded RSN. And issues as mentioned at this TODO list will get dealt with.

See the previous november 2014 report for more information.

6. мар 2015.: nina


нед, 1. мар 2015.: music

statistics! yearly growth of my music collection, in gigabytes:

1999  11
2000   9
2001   9
2002   7
2003   6
2004   7
2005   8
2006  13
2007  11
2008  86 (79 G + one bunch of 7 G donated by a friend)
2009  35
2010 113 (50 G + one bunch of 63 G donated by a friend)
2011  41
2012  35
2013   8
2014  45 (15 G + in total 30 G donated by friends)
2015   2 (and counting)
430 GB in total

As of aug 2013, I had 381 GB of music. Running "mpc stats" tells me about this 381 gigabytes:

Artists:   7836
Albums:    4262
Songs:    50961
DB Play Time: 168 days, 22:47:55

That's 14597275 seconds per 381 GB, a 70 minutes CD takes 112 MB, a 5 minute song takes 8 MB. (I store songs in ogg, mp3, flac, m4a, you name it.)

Recent additions, in MBs:

  8900   201211

  6300   201308

  6200   201401
   260   201405
 14300   201406  (14 G donated by my wife)
  1060   201408  (another 2 G donated by my wife)
 18400   201409  (13 G (out of 19) donated by friends)
  4010   201410
   580   201411
   300   201412

   990   201501
   790   201502

Dunno why 2013 was such a lousy year wrt music. strange...

нед, 1. мар 2015.: VCS

My current VCS-preference list is:

  1. git (Currently using it)
  2. darcs
  3. cvs
  4. svn (Subversion, Currently using it)
  5. rcs
  6. hg (mercurial) (Never used that)
  7. bzr (Bazaar)
  8. mtn (monotone) (Never used that)
  9. tla (GNU Arch)

I'm an experienced user of 7 of those 9. Still have a love/hate-relationship with git btw. CVS wasn't that bad after all. I'm getting more and more annoyed by Subversion. I'd _love_ to start using darcs again one day; hrm... maybe I can convert systraq's svn repo to darcs... Otoh, at one point I was not using just 2, but 5 of those systems concurrently. That's proven to be next to impossible for me...

нед, 1. мар 2015.: version control systems and debian

Which version control systems are used by Debian developers to maintain packages? Lucas Nussbaum gave statistics about the 2005 - 2013 period: .

   2008-03    2008-11     2011-06    2012-06       2012-09            2015-03

                 6 Mtn      42 Mtn     29 Arch     16 Arch  0.06       9 Arch  0.02 v ( .33)
     33 Darcs   18 Arch     59 Darcs   51 Mtn      60 Mtn   0.22      20 Cvs   0.05 v ( .19)
     41 Arch    41 Darcs    60 Arch    70 Cvs      70 Cvs   0.26      97 Mtn   0.25 ^ (1.14)
     60 Hg      59 Hg       65 Cvs    156 Hg      153 Hg    0.56     130 Hg    0.34 v ( .61)
    116 Cvs    135 Cvs     181 Hg     666 Bzr     801 Bzr   2.92     641 Bzr   1.66 v ( .57)
    329 Bzr    398 Bzr     745 Bzr   1106 Darcs  1862 Darcs 6.79    2348 Darcs 6.10 v ( .90)
   1132 Git   2156 Git    9167 Svn   8697 Svn    8304 Svn  30.30    8955 Svn  23.27 v ( .77)
   4979 Svn   5970 Svn   10539 Git  14883 Git   16141 Git  58.89   26274 Git  68.29 ^ (1.17)
                                                -----     ------   -----     ------
                                                27407     100      38474     100

Precise dates of measurements: 2008-03-29, October 11, 2008, June 3, 2011, june 5, 2012 (thanks Folkert 'flok@#tosti' for that one), 2015-03-01. The command used was:

 % apt-cache showsrc $(apt-cache pkgnames) | grep \^Vcs | \
    grep -v Browse | cut -d: -f1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -n

(There's (still) a bug in this script: it mixes debian source packages with debian binary packages. Thanks to JanC for pointing this out. I don't think fixing it will yield another ordering in the different version control systems, 'though.)

суб, 28. феб 2015.: draai

New draai release: version 20150228 - The Nieuwe Leij Release. draai is a command line music player, implemented as a wrapper around mpc(1). You can read about what's new in this release.

A new draai Debian package: draai 20150228-1 got published. (version 20140828 - The Nuuk Release will likely never get packaged for Debian.)

    .... (.....)           20090615-1 (ITP: #519838, Jun 2009)
    squeeze (oldstable)    20100511-1
    wheezy (stable)        20110603-1
    jessie (testing)       20131212-1
    stretch (newtesting)   20150228-1 (?)
    buster (newnewtesting) ?
    sid (unstable)         20150228-1

draai 20150228-1 has entered the Debian archive, and will likely end up in the next upcoming Debian stretch release. (Debian jessie will likely get shipped with draai 20131212-1.) You can read about the changes in the Debian package.

If you'd like to use draai on your Ubuntu Linux system, you're lucky: draai gets shipped with Ubuntu since the "lucid" release. This new draai release will likely get shipped with the upcoming Ubuntu Linux release.

Fri Jan 9 2015: Nina

Nina Ida van Baal, sinds woensdag 7 januari 2015, 6:54. Moeder en dochter voelen zich prima.

нед, 28. дец 2014.: sneg

Sneeuw in Tilburg.

dec 2014: greenwheels

Ik was een greenwheels deelauto-klant van oktober 2005 tot december 2014: bijna 10 jaar...

17 december 2014: GNOME Keyring

Trying to understand GNOME Keyring. My efforts. Haven't succeeded yet...

14 december 2014: Debian Bug Squashing Party @ Kennismakerij, Tilburg

14 december 2014: Debian Bug Squashing Party @ Kennismakerij, Tilburg

nov 2014: Orthodoxe Kerk in Tilburg

De Orthodoxe Parochie van de Heilige Porfyrios van Kavsokalivia Tilburg heeft sinds kort een website \o/.

nov 2014: debian systemd init stuff

Nice blog post by Stefano "zack" Zacchiroli about Debian's General Resolution: init system coupling:

The winning option is not as crazy as its label might imply (voting to declare that the vote was not required? WTH?). [...] With this GR the Debian Project affirms that the procedures we have used to decide the default init system for Jessie and to arbitrate the ensuing conflicts are just fine. People might flame and troll debian-devel as much as they want (actually, I'm pretty sure we would all like them to stop, but that matter wasn't on the ballot so you'll have to take my word for it). People might write blog posts and make headlines corroborating the impression that Debian is still being torn apart by ongoing init system battles. But this vote says instead that the large majority of project members thinks our decision making and conflict-arbitration procedures, which most prominently include the Debian Technical Committee, have served use "adequately" well over the past troubled months.

Buy Nothing Day, 29 nov 2014

zaterdag 29 november 2014: niet-winkeldag. In Tilburg werden gratis knuffels uitgedeeld bij de Heikese kerk in het centrum (bij de schouwburg is dat). Zaterdag 29 november 2014, 15.00-16.00. Free Hugs Campagne. Samen in gesprek. Ook worden er dan alternatieve verlanglijstjes uitgereikt.

нед, 23. нов 2014.: Warandeloop 2014, Tilburg

I've ran 5 km at the Warandeloop. It took me 23:16 . Not bad: It took me 24:30 in 2009 (last time I did 5 km). All results.

нед, 23. нов 2014. LogReport's lire, djb's publicfile

I've requested for Lire to get removed from the Debian archive since it's buggy, upstream development is stalled, nobody wants to maintain the Debian package, and there aren't that many users. Lire, the full-featured log analyzer and report generator, has been shipped with Debian since woody, it entered April 19, 2001. 13 years ago.

    July 2002  woody                20020214-7
    June 2005  sarge                2:2.0.1-4
    Apr  2007  etch                 2:2.0.2-3
    Feb  2009  lenny                2:2.0.3-1.1
    Feb  2011  squeeze (oldstable)  2:2.1-1.1
    May  2013  wheezy (stable)      2:2.1.1-2
    ?    2015  jessie (testing)     2:2.1.1-2.1^W

I've been part of the upstream team. It has been good; moving on now.

Thanks to everybody who helped me maintaining Lire in Debian. Here's the names I've found; to those I've missed: you're thanked even more! De aftiteling:


 gregor herrmann

Running, Cheese and Good Vibes

 Christian Perrier


 Vietnamese Clytie Siddall
 Swedish    Martin Bagge
 Basque     Piarres Beobide
 Italian    Vincenzo Campanella
 Russian    Yuri Kozlov
 Portuguese Ricardo Silva
 German     Helge Kreutzmann, Jens Seidel and Sebastian Feltel
 Czech      Martin Šín
 French     Thomas Huriaux
 Dutch      Kurt De Bree
 Swedish    Daniel Nylander

Bug reporters

 Noah Slater
 Hamish Moffatt
 Marco Gaiarin
 Vincent Danjean
 Andrew Pollock
 Cosimo Alfarano


 Wolfgang Sourdeau
 Francis J. Lacoste

My mailbox looked like this this morning:

 Nov 22 Debian FTP Mast (0,7K) Bug#770532: Removed package(s) from unstable
 Nov 22 Debian Bug Trac (6,4K) ├─>Bug#158635: marked as done (lire: ipchains lexer doesn't support REDIRECT target)
 Nov 22 Debian Bug Trac (7,6K) ├─>Bug#263360: marked as done (lire: please implement new sa-exim service for spamfilter reports)
 Nov 22 Debian Bug Trac (8,0K) ├─>Bug#291063: marked as done (lire: chokes on apache combined log)
 Nov 22 Debian Bug Trac (7,3K) ├─>Bug#311564: marked as done (lire postfix reports have no content)
 Nov 22 Debian Bug Trac (7,3K) ├─>Bug#316298: marked as done (Globbing support for lire.d/*.cfg "logfile" parameter.)
 Nov 22 Debian Bug Trac ( 24K) ├─>Bug#336059: marked as done (limits problem with nested groups in reports)
 Nov 22 Debian Bug Trac (7,3K) ├─>Bug#399731: marked as done (lire: Lire dies in confusion when creating lambda-based reports from large logs)
 Nov 22 Debian Bug Trac (8,2K) ├─>Bug#463992: marked as done (lire: spamassassin2dlf does not work with spamassassin's 3.2.3 logs)
 Nov 22 Debian Bug Trac (9,4K) ├─>Bug#526180: marked as done (lire: lr_log2report crashes with apache's access.log)
 Nov 22 Debian Bug Trac (8,4K) ├─>Bug#543363: marked as done (lire: Include source log file path name in report (heading))
 Nov 22 Debian Bug Trac (8,7K) ├─>Bug#570342: marked as done (buggy regexp in config-spec/lire.xml)
 Nov 22 Debian Bug Trac (9,1K) ├─>Bug#574148: marked as done (lire: Wrong path configuration and missing dependencies for PDF reports)
 Nov 22 Debian Bug Trac ( 13K) ├─>Bug#584299: marked as done (lire: Perl problems with SQLite2::{st,db} in analyzing iptables)
 Nov 22 Debian Bug Trac (8,2K) └─>Bug#689359: marked as done (paragraph-separating blank line in debian/control before contents)

Yay! Time for new stuff:

Getting DJB's webserver publicfile in Debian. Wish me luck.

нед, 2. нов 2014.: Debian packaging using git, nllgg: za 15 november, Utrecht

Er was een bijeenkomst van de Nederlandse Linux Gebruikers Groep op zaterdag 15 november, 2014, vanaf 10:00 bij Kranenburg praktijkonderwijs, Tamboersdijk 9, 3582 TZ Utrecht.

Ik en Jeroen Dekkers verzorgden een workshop over het beheren van Debian packaging-werk met git.

Er is meer informatie.

суб, 1. нов 2014.: ILK NLP software

Good news for Natural Language Processing scientists interested in Memory-Based Learning (dealing with classification tasks, generating part-of-speech taggers or chunkers and related subjects). In the last 4 months, the Induction of Linguistic Knowledge Research Group, Tilburg University, together with the Language Technology Research group of CLiPS, Antwerp released new versions of their software packages:

 ticcltools-0.1.tar.gz	14-Aug-2014 17:10 	389K
 foliatools-0.1.tar.gz	14-Aug-2014 17:51 	384K
 ticcutils-0.7.tar.gz	23-Sep-2014 10:02 	437K
 libfolia-0.12.tar.gz	23-Sep-2014 10:13 	424K
 ucto-0.6.0.tar.gz	23-Sep-2014 10:24 	434K
 timbl-6.4.6.tar.gz	23-Sep-2014 10:34 	547K
 timblserver-1.9.tar.gz	23-Sep-2014 10:42 	402K
 mbt-3.2.12.tar.gz	23-Sep-2014 10:49 	685K
 mbtserver-0.9.tar.gz	23-Sep-2014 10:54 	648K
 dimbl-0.14.tar.gz	23-Sep-2014 14:57 	409K
 frog-0.12.19.tar.gz	25-Sep-2014 18:15 	486K
 frogdata-0.6.tar.gz	29-Sep-2014 09:48 	19M

The Debian packaging infrastructure is being moved from Subversion to git, on alioth.debian.org. The first results are visible:

 Oct 28 Debian FTP Master: mbt_3.2.10-5_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable
 Oct 30 Debian FTP Master: ticcutils_0.7-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable
 Oct 31 Debian FTP Master: timbl_6.4.6-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable

Fresh .deb's of ucto e.a. will get uploaded RSN. They'll end up in the upcoming Debian stretch release. Jessie will ship with:

dimbl       0.12-2
frog        0.12.17-7.1
frogdata    0.4-1
libfolia    0.10-4.2
mbt         3.2.10-4
mbtserver   0.7-3
ticcutils   0.4-5.1
timbl       6.4.4-4
timblserver 1.7-4
ucto        0.5.3-3.1

. For people running Debian "stable": In may 2013, Debian 7.0 "wheezy" was released. It comes with timbl 6.4.2-1, timblserver 1.4-2, mbt 3.2.8-1, mbtserver 0.5-2, libfolia 0.9-2, frog 0.12.15-3, frogdata 0.3-2, ucto 0.5.2-2 and dimbl 0.11-1. It will likely be supported till about late 2014.

See the previous august 2013 report for more information.

NB: there is Debian LTS thanks to Raphael Hertzog, Holger Levsen, corporate sponsors, e.a.

T-DOSE 2014, october 2014

T-DOSE, a free and yearly Open Source Software event, took place on 25 and 26 October 2014 at the Fontys University of Applied Science in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

суб, 27. сеп 2014.: four freedoms, privacy and safety

My free software will respect users or it will be bullshit, nice blog post by Matthew Garrett.

19 sept 2014: caspar

caspar 20140919-1

пет, 29. авг 2014.: DebConf14, Portland, OR, USA

Visiting Debian Conference 2014, Portland, Oregon, USA: DebConf14 took place august 23 till august 31, 2014, at Portland State University conference facility, 1825 SW Broadway, Portland OR 97201, USA.

More pics at Aigars Mahinovs's Google Plus page and links to other people's DebConf14 pics on the DebConf Wiki. See also Aigars' group photo. I've made a private copy of Aigars' stuff here.

aug 2014: Jelena @ Ilha do Maio, Cabo Verde

Tue Jul 8 2014: more pics

Found back some more pics: from may 2014, Eindhoven:

Wed Jul 2 2014: pics

Found back some pics, from feb-may 2014:

mardi 1 juillet 2014

"Per 1 juli 2014 kan de politie bij een plotselinge gebeurtenis sneller fouilleren ter handhaving van de openbare orde." Zie rijksoverheid.nl.

samedi 28 juin 2014: ruit

Platform Noordoostcorridor "Stuit de Ruit" mobiliseert burgers ter voorkoming van de aanleg van de ruit om Eindhoven. Het Eindhovens Dagblad schrijft erover. Ook op Wikipedia is iets te vinden. En koef heeft plaatjes van (historisch) materiaal.

пет, 20. јун 2014.: fiets

fiets: ongeveer 85 minuten, 32 km. Ik fiets weer op de renfiets: keiharde tuupjes.

сре, 4. јун 2014.: pgp and amazon s3 backup tools

Published new tools a1-s3dup and a1-groupenc. a1-s3dup is a wrapper around duplicity, to facilitate handling pgp encrypted incremental file backups on amazon-s3. a1-groupenc is a wrapper around gpg: it encrypts and signs a file, so that a specific group of people can read and update it, while nobody else can read it. Typically useful for storing secret passwords which are shared among a group of people.

Ring Ring, Belgrade, may 2014

may 15 - may 28: Ring Ring Festival, Belgrade, Serbia. I've missed it, due to the flooding.

10 mei 2014: Open Kloosterdag

Op 10 mei 2014 was het Landelijke Open Kloosterdag. Ik heb missiezusters in Boxtel bezocht, die vertelden over hun werk in Afrika, oa. in Rwanda tijdens de burgeroorlog daar, en heb t klooster van de Redemptioristen bezocht. Zie voor inspiratie ook de apostolische exhortatie Evangelii Gaudium van paus Franciscus: "Liever een kerk die verwond en vuil is omdat zij op straat vertoeft, dan een kerk die ongezond is omdat zij zich opsluit in haar eigen veiligheid".

пет, 18. апр 2014.: talk: The birth and death of Javascript

Nice talk: https://www.destroyallsoftware.com/talks/the-birth-and-death-of-javascript.

Tachanka, by Нестор Махно

Nice: Нестор Махно invented this one: .

za 5 april 2014: puscii en pinknoise benefiet

zaterdag 5 april PUSCII & PinkNoise Benefiet in Scheveningen. . Met o.a. MC Broko, Harry Merry, DJ Chaos K "Weg met de Ultra" en DJ joostvb \o/

zaterdag 1 maart 2014, 14:00: Puscii Privacy Party, Boekhandel Rooie Rat, Utrecht

Puscii Privacy Party. ppp, 1 mrt 2014,

чет, 13. мар 2014.: fiets

gisteren weer met de fiets gegaan. \o/

уто, 25. феб 2014.: fiets

7:29 - 8:54: 76 minuten, 32 km: 25,3 km/h. Zelfde materiaal als 2013-12-13. Denk dat ik wind mee had. Niet slecht.

Seg Fev 24 2014: grub

Finally wrote down how to fix a broken grub: published new tiny document "how to restore a borken grub2" on how to escape from GRUB's rescue shell.

Sex Fev 21 2014: Debian @ Hacker Public Radio

Eternal fame: I've made it to Hacker Public Radio: Ken Fallon has interviewed me at the Debian booth at this year's FOSDEM conference. You can hear me in the 00:56:48 - 01:08:04 slot.

чет, 20. феб 2014.: moving pics around

In the process of moving pics to another server. You'll likely encounter broken links. Please bear with us.

чет, 20. феб 2014.: BeWelcome

Just donated to the BeWelcome hospitality exchange service; an online community with more than 50,000 members in more than 150 countries all around the world, who offer free accommodation and help during travel. Donate too! See the public financial reports to check where your money would go. I like BeWelcome, for many reasons. One is: "We work voluntarily, that is why we love it so much.".

сре, 19. феб 2014: portugal

FIXME Porto: Sines:

17. феб 2014.: xkcd

XKCD nº 1331 "Frequency" is a beautiful piece of poetry. Thanks Randall Munroe.

Fev 2014: fosdem

Attended FOSDEM, enjoyed nice african food at Le Matonge ASBL, Petite Restauration Spécialités Africaines in Matonge, BXL: chiquengue, fufu, madame jeanettes, viande de chèvre, halve liters jupiler, soukous. See pics by Vipul Agarwal.

3 feb 2014: caspar

New caspar releases: version 20140203 - The Matonge, BXL Release; new caspar Debian package (20140203-1) 05 Feb 2014; new release version 20140106 - The Bakertand Release. The .deb entered in the Debian archive, and this version (or a newer one) will likely end up in the upcoming Debian stretch release. This caspar release has entered Debian jessie (testing). (Debian wheezy (stable) ships caspar 20120530-1; Debian squeeze (oldstable) ships caspar 20100624-1.)

You can read about the changes in the Debian package, and about what's new in the caspar tarball.

If you'd like to use this new caspar on your Debian wheezy system, you can just fetch the unstable package and install that one: there are very few (and only harmless) dependencies. Or, even better, you might like to try to track this package using apt pinning.

If you'd like to use this new caspar on your Ubuntu Linux system, you'll have to wait for a few weeks. It entered the upcoming stable Ubuntu trusty release, as 20140106-1ubuntu2. The current stable saucy (13.10) release ships with caspar 20120530-1. (raring (13.04) ships 20120530-1, quantal (12.10) ships with 20120530-1, precise (12.4) ships with caspar 20101204-1, oneiric (11.10) ships with 20101204-1, natty (11.4) with 20100624-1, maverick (10.10) with 20100223-1.) Caspar is shipped with Ubuntu Linux, via the Universe component.

чет, 16. јан 2014.: doghousediaries

The Doghousediaries is good.

чет, 16. јан 2014.: fiets

чет, 16. јан 2014.: 11:47 - 12:27: 90 minuten, 32 km. Zelfde materiaal als 2013-12-13. Niet slecht.

пет, 13. дец 2013.: 08:00 - 09:38: 98 minuten, 32 km. Frame te klein, zadel te laag, geen toeclips, geen tuupjes maar stadsfietsbanden.

En: mdcc.cx headquartersmdcc.cx headquarters.

21 nov 2013: systraq

New systraq Debian package uploads: 0.0.20081217-7 (08 Dec 2013); 0.0.20081217-6 (21 Nov 2013). Systraq monitors your system and warns when system files change. This version (or a later one) will likely end up in Debian jessie (the current testing). (wheezy (current stable) got released with 0.0.20081217-3 (FIXME), squeeze (the current oldstable) ships 0.0.20081217-1+squeeze2.1; sarge was the first Debian release which came with systraq: 0.0.20050213-4.) You can read about the changes in the Debian package and view some Debian developer information on the package.

nov 16, 2013: Nijmegen, iirc

Hoog water in de waal bij nijmegen, november 2013. .

2013-10: Serbia

See buiten for pics.

пет, 6. сеп 2013.: fiets

07:57 - 09:19: 84 minuten, 32 km.

zondag, 1 september 2013: Tilburg Ten Miles: 1:26:16

I ran 10 miles (16 kilometer and 93 meter) in 1 hour, 26 minutes, 16 seconds, (last year I was 7 seconds faster: 1:26:09; in 2011: 1:29:22) at the Tilburg Ten Miles. See some of the other results and .

Startnummer      8323
Categorie        B10EM
Totaal plaats    2727 / 5410
Categorie plaats 528 / 983
Snelheid         11,192 km/uur
5 km             25:25
10 km            52:57
15 km            1:21:09
Bruto tijd       1:34:10
Netto tijd       1:26:16

Oktober 2013: Londen

October 2013: London

31 aug 2013: druten, wageningen

Picture taken during a trip to Wageningen, around "Voetveer Druten-Dodewaard", crossing river Waal. .

See buiten for more pics.

чет, 29. авг 2013.: news from the Natural Language Processing front: updated Debian packages

News from the NLP-front, since the latest june 2013 report:

Have just uploaded source packages ticcutils (0.4-5), mbt (3.2.10-4) and timbl (6.4.4-4). If everything works out fine, this should fix the build failures we've seen on Debian autobuilders recently. See also the library transions of timbl ticcutils and mbt.

See the previous june 2013 report for more information.

чет, 29. авг 2013.: slike

Uploaded some new pictures: Cambridge in november 2012:

Ely, UK, in april 2013:

Eindhoven, in mei 2013:

Mijn stervende EeePC, op 7 augustus van dit jaar. Mijn fietswiel probeerde hem te versnipperen.

уто, 27. авг 2013.: fiets

08:51 - 09:10: 79 minuten, 32 km.

уто, 25. јун 2013.: fiets

уто, 25. јун 2013.: 90 minutes, 32 km.

пет, 21. јун 2013.: 8:15 - 9:39: 84 minutes. Did cycle last week too, iirc; weet niet meer hoe hard ik toen ging.

уто, 21. мај 2013: 7:58 - 9:22 : 84 minutes

нед, 16. јун 2013.: news from the Natural Language Processing front: Debian packages

News from the NLP-front, since the latest march 2013 report:

Good news for Natural Language Processing scientists interested in Memory-Based Learning (dealing with classification tasks, generating part-of-speech taggers or chunkers and related subjects). In the last 4 months, the Induction of Linguistic Knowledge Research Group, Tilburg University, together with the Language Technology Research group of CLiPS, Antwerp released new versions of their software packages.

With help from Ko van der Sloot, I've updated a few of the ILK Debian packages: The packages frog_0.12.17-7 (was 0.12.16-4), libfolia_0.10-4 (was 0.9-2), ticcutils_0.4-4 (was 0.3-1), timbl_6.4.4-3 (was 6.4.3-1), mbt_3.2.10-3 (was 3.2.9-2), timblserver_1.7-3 (was 1.6-2), ucto_0.5.3-3 (was 0.5.2-2) are uploaded to the Debian incoming area, and are now being inspected by the Debian FTP masters. If everything works out as planned, they'll get propagated to Debian "unstable".

For people running Debian "testing": The packages mbtserver (0.7-2, was 0.6-1), frogdata (0.4-1, was 0.3-2) dimbl (0.12-2, was 0.11-1) succesfully entered the Debian unstable suite. If everything works out as planned, and the problems shown this Debian Maintainer TODO list (especially release.debian.org ("ticcutils more excuses for ticcutils not being in testing")) gets dealt with, they'll get propagated to the Debian testing (aka "jessie") distribution, likely to be released late 2014.

See the previous march 2013 report for more information.

суб, 25. мај 2013.: ubica

Ubica ontruiming. Ikzelf bewaar mooie herinneringen aan die prachtige plek.

mercredi 22 mai 2013: photography

Photography by Nicholas Nixon (born 1947 in Detroit, USA): "In 1975, Nixon began his project, The Brown Sisters consisting of a single portrait of his wife, Bebe, and her three sisters each year, consistently posed in the same left to right order. As of 2010, there are thirty-six portraits altogether."

уто, 21. мај 2013: this website and IPv6

This website has been available via IPv6 only, for a couple of weeks. For those relying on IPv4: sorry for that.

Zaterdag 18 mei 2013: Open Gemeenschappelijkwonendag

Op zaterdag 18 mei vond de vijfde Landelijke Open Gemeenschappelijkwonendag 2013 plaats. Er is wellicht nog wat meer info op de websites van Landelijke Vereniging Centraal Wonen, Federatie Gemeenschappelijk Wonen en Omslag - Werkplaats voor Duurzame Ontwikkeling te vinden.

Opening uitbreiding Inkijkmuseum, Eindhoven

vrijdag 26 april 2013, Dommelstraat 2A, Eindhoven: 10 jaar Inkijkmuseum: Receptie, publieke opening en feest. Vanaf 26 April 2013 heeft het Inkijkmuseum twee tijdelijke zalen beschikbaar voor de mondiale mobiele expositie Show Your Hope. Het Inkijkmuseum begon ooit als een gigantische kijkdoos. Het is inmiddels het kleinste museum van het land met wellicht de grootste hedendaagse internationale kunstcollectie van Nederland. (opening info)

vendredi 19 avril 2013: hacked bozohttpd

Patched bozohttpd ("a small and secure http version 1.1 server. its main feature is the lack of features, reducing the code size and improving verifiability.") to deal with utf-8 in .html-files. See http://mdcc.cx/tmp/bozohttpd/ and Debian Bug #705736. Now this site looks OK again. \o/

dimanche 14 avril 2013

Switched server software from thttpd to bozohttpd. Excuse me for the mojibake: work in progress. [...] Hrm, bozohttpd's -M flag seems borken.^W No it's not! (Should I use mathopd?)

vendredi 12 avril 2013: fiets, 32 km

 12 april:           8:19 - 9:41: 82 min
 rond 1 april:           ongeveer 88 min
 чет, 21. мар 2013.: 7:33 - 8:59: 86 min
 чет, 14. мар 2013.: 7:32 - 8:59: 87 min

Open Dag Nederlandse Hackersspaces, 30 maart 2013

In heel Nederland waren hackerspaces voor iedereen gratis open op zaterdag 30 maart van 10:00 tot 17:00 (of later). O.a. in Amersfoort, Arnhem, Heerlen, Leeuwarden en Wageningen. Zie de algemene aankondiging.

16 maart 2013: Sy, Ardennes, Belgium

Enjoyed a trip to Sy, Ardennes:

mardi 19 mars 2013: 'The Artist Is Present', Marina Abramović @ MoMA, 2010

Belgrade performance artist Marina Abramović was in MoMA in 2010 for her piece 'The Artist Is Present'. There, she encounted her ex-partner Ulay. See the YouTube upload Marina Abramović e Ulay - MoMA 2010 (uploaded by MiticoMazz) for what happened. She also this Zen Garage posting.

samedi 9 mars 2013: /buiten

Moved some stuff about walking and sports from this page to buiten/.

чет, 7. мар 2013.:fiets

7:53 - 9:15: 82 min, 32 km, 23.4 km/h.

Tijden tot nog toe, in minuten (32 km):

18 août  75
21 août  80
30 août  85
 6 sept  80
11 sept  77

 8. окт  85
18. окт  80
22. окт  83
31. окт  85
 5. нов  87
28. нов  88
 5. дец  89

 4. јан  98
 9. јан  90
 5. феб 108
12  Feb  88
21. феб  90
 7. мар  82

6. мар 2013.: news from the Natural Language Processing front: Debian packages

News from the NLP-front, since the latest july 2012 report:

Good news for Natural Language Processing scientists interested in Memory-Based Learning (dealing with classification tasks, generating part-of-speech taggers or chunkers and related subjects). In the last half year, the Induction of Linguistic Knowledge Research Group, Tilburg University, together with the Language Technology Research group of CLiPS, Antwerp released new mbt (3.2.9), mbtserver (0.6), frog (0.12.16), frogdata (0.4), timbl (6.4.3), and timblserver (1.6) software packages. (The libfolia (0.9), ucto (0.5.2), and dimbl (0.11) software hasn't changed much since july 2012.) With help from Ko van der Sloot, I've updated all related Debian packages: mbt (3.2.9-2), mbtserver (0.5-1), frog (0.12.16-4), frogdata (0.4-1), timbl (6.4.3-1) and timblserver (1.6-2). (Packages libfolia (0.9-2), ucto (0.5.2-2) and dimbl (0.11-1) haven't changed a lot recently.)

These all succesfully entered the Debian unstable suite. The changes of last 6 months (as well as upcoming work) will get included in the Debian jessie release, likely to be released late 2014, and the recent work will get shipped with the upcoming Ubuntu "Raring Ringtail" release. The situation of the ILK/CLiPS software for the upcoming Debian wheezy release (scheduled for stable release, early this year), hasn't changed since july 2012. The current stable Ubuntu release (Quantal Quetzal) ships with pretty recent versions of the software.

I wrote (well, work in progress...) some documents for the ILK developers: a short introduction to the Debian project infrastructure, covering the parts which are relevant for ILK/CLiPS software packagers; and a document on how to create packages: Debian packages, Fedora RPM packages and Fink packages for Mac OSX.

Now, users of Ubuntu stable and Debian testing should just run:

$ sudo apt-get install science-linguistics

once, and, from then on, one's system is automagically kept up to date w.r.t. ILK software.

BTW, Debian squeeze (stable) ships science-linguistics version 0.12, while wheezy (testing) and sid (unstable) ship 0.16. For Ubuntu: Ubuntu Quantal Quetzal (current stable release) ships science-linguistics version 0.16ubuntu2. (For the ILK-trick to work, a version > 0.15 is needed.)

See the science-linguistics package page and the introduction to the Debian science project for (a lot) more information.

jeudi 28 février 2013: wm: dwm?

Switching from fvwm to a new window manager. It should be lightweight, simple and feel like Unix (i.e. have a decent manpage and understand the pipe symbol). It's a pity ratpoison is no longer maintained. The shortlist: xmonad (haskell), wmfs, Spectrwm, Snapwm, monsterwm (no-config), i3, herbstluftwm, dwm (no-config), dswm (lisp), awesome (lua), notion (lua). For now, I'm playing with dwm (the "Dynamic Window Manager"). I guess I'll stick with that one, for the last about 2 weeks I've been pretty happy with it.

4 feb 2013: FOSDEM 2013

FOSDEM 2013 took place on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 February 2013, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium. Beer event: Friday 1 February 2013. It was good as ever.

Radionica u Coq-u @ Haklab Beograd

zondag 9 december 2012, 17:00 to 20:00, Haklab Beograd, Daničareva 23, Београд, Србија: Radionica Coq-a prema kursu "Software Foundations" (CIS 500), Benjamina Piercea. Contact: irc:freenode/#hklbgd. Missed that one :( Hope to be able to attend another time.

jeudi 6 décembre 2012: repetitor

repetitor tour netherlands

Belgrade Garage Rock Band Repetitor tours The Netherlands. Woohoo!

нед, 2. дец 2012. ...Wazige Mannen...

Published some historic recordings of ...Wazige Mannen... (aka "De Wazige Mannen", uit Helmond, 1989 - 1993).

нед, 2. дец 2012.: DJ joostvb

Stuff about DJ joostvb has moved.

нед, 2. дец 2012.: platenzaken in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Still there are some nice record stores in Eindhoven. Don't buy online, but hang out at these friendly places!

CD Teek Eindhoven, sinds 1989. Kleine Berg 52, Eindhoven, Tel: +31 (0)40 2451337. Open: ma t/m do: 12:00 - 18:00, vr: 12:00 - 21:00, za: 10:00 -18:00. CD

Ray Elpee, Kleine Bleekstraat 18, Eindhoven. Open afternoons.

суб, 1. дец 2012.: aephea

I've uploaded aephea_10.008-2 to Debian's testing-proposed-updates. An unblock request has been filed as Bug#694365, if everything works out as planned it'll get shipped with the upcoming Debian wheezy release.

нед, 25. нов 2012: aephea

I've uploaded aephea_12-248-2_all.deb. Thanks Andreas Beckmann for spotting a bug. You can read more about the changes in the Debian package.

aephea is a text-based authoring tool for HTML. If you'd like to generate manpages, but don't like troff syntax, and find Perl's POD too limited, Aephea's Portable Unix Documentation is likely useful for you.

The new aephea package has entered the Debian archive. This version (or a later one) will show up in the upcoming upcoming Debian jessie release.

I am working on getting it in wheezy too. If I fail, wheezy will ship with aephea 10.008-1. (And zoem 11-166-1. squeeze ships zoem 08-248-1. Debian ships zoem since March 2004.)

23 november 2012: hyperbole and a half

Allie Brosh of HYPERBOLE and a Half fame, kicks ass.

HYPERBOLE and a Half webcomic

samedi 27 octobre 2012: afnog

joostvb teaching at afnog2010 kigali

Found back a picture of me teaching at the AfNOG Workshop on Network Technology - Scalable Internet Services, part of the 11th AfNOG Meeting and the AfriNIC-12 Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda, may 2010.

суб, 20. окт 2012.: uncanny

Uncanny Valley Graph

Did some reading about the Uncanny Valley.

dimanche 7 octobre 2012: comics

Here's Matthew Inman's The Oatmeal on Nicola Tesla. Another nice Oatmeal: The Oatmeal Comic. And Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: nice too.

dimanche 7 octobre 2012: ecotribe teuge

Met dank aan Omslag vond ik de mooie documentaire De Bewoners Van... Ecotribe Teuge uitgezonden door TV Gelderland op 21 juni 2009.

суб, 25. авг 2012

Recently discovered 2 nice (and full-length) documentaties on Youtube: De Stad Was Van Ons directed by Joost Seelen, 1996, about Amsterdam squatters scene in 1980ies. and: Crass - There Is No Authority But Yourself directed by Alexander Oey, 2006, about the UK anarcho punk band and collective called Crass.

mercredi 22 août 2012

Some beautiful pics taken by Jelena at Cabo Verde, in 2010: Tarrafal, Sao Nicolau Tarrafal, Sao Nicolau Tarrafal, Sao Nicolau Tarrafal, Sao Nicolau

Mon Aug 13 2012: djb software in Debian

The current status of software from Daniel Bernstein in Debian:

I didn't find any Debian packaging efforts for publicfile. There has been a bit of non-productive noise in Bug #122614.

djbdns is not shipped with any Debian release, it's available in unstable only, due to Bug #516394. There's an alternative for djbdns: dbndns, a fork of the djbdns package, including patches for e.g. providing IPv6 functionality. That one is not in any stable release either; due to the same bug.

daemontools is shipped with Debian stable since the squeeze release. \o/ (There's an alternative for daemontools: runit and socklog.)

qmail will ship with the Debian wheezy release. \o/

Zaterdag 16 juni: Linux packaging workshop, RevSpace, Den Haag

Vanaf 10.00: .deb en .rpm packaging workshop, RevSpace, Den Haag. Ikzelf was één van de sprekers.

уто, 12. јун 2012

Het document Debian packaging met Subversion en debhelper wordt nog steeds bijgewerkt. Als je naar de dpkg and RPM packaging workshop in Den Haag gaat, bekijk dan hier de laatste versie.

Woensdag 6 juni: enosig Debian GNU/Linux packaging workshop, MAD, Eindhoven

Gaf geslaagde Debian GNU/Linux packaging workshop, bij MAD lab emergent art center, Schellens Building, Vestdijk 280, Eindhoven. Zie ook deze aankondiging.

12 mei 2012: module-assistant

Published first draft of document: How to get a patched alsa kernel module installed on your Linux system. WIP.

samedi 5 mai 2012: HOWTO: Debian packaging met Subversion en debhelper

Een eerste embrionale versie van het document Debian packaging met Subversion en debhelper is gepubliceerd. Met dank aan o.a. revspace.

Carnaval: za 18 t/m di 21 februari 2012

Eindhoven de Gekste! Pwned!

Jan 29, 2012: diaspora

I joined the DIASPORA* nonprofit, user-owned, distributed social network. It's based upon the free Diaspora software. I am Joost van Baal-Ilić at the diaspora Serbia pod.

22 oktober 2011: Melchior

Melchior spends almost every night outside, in the garden. During the day he helps me doing paperwork.

25 september 2011: bruiloft

Jelena and me got married today (voor de gemeente, deze keer).

9 september 2011: hunebedden

Visited hunebedden in Schoonoord, Sleen, Havelte and other places. See also this beautiful hunebedden website by Hans Meijer.

mardi 30 août 2011: poetry

Meer poezie!.

lundi 29 août 2011: opal

Machine opal.mdcc.cx is niet meer. (Machine emerald.mdcc.cx wordt nog steeds door Virtual Concepts te Tilburg gehost.)

23 augustus 2011: brood

Jelena made me a bread .

30 juli 2011: DebConf11 Banja Luka

24th to 30th July 2011: I've enjoyed DebConf11 in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. See also debconf11.debconf.org.

wo 20 juli 2011: Soleus

Deze website draait niet langer op "opal" maar op "beskar": een VPS server die bij Hostingvereniging Soleus gehost wordt. Nu dus ook via IPv6 te bereiken \o/. (Daar merk je, als het goed is, helemaal niks van trouwens.)

26 juni 2011: Bosch Parade

Ik deed mee aan de Bosch Parade, een kunstzinnige vaartocht op de middeleeuwse Dieze in Den Bosch. 17, 19, 22, 24 en 26 juni 2011. Update 2011-07-21: Een filmpje van mij en Miron in de boot van Tijs Rooijakkers staat hier op youtube. De boot "otbo velo" is trouwens te koop.

mercredi 15 juin 2011: pics

Graffitti in Belgrade, june 1, 2011 Uploaded a bunch of pretty nice pictures: Београд and Serbia.

Belgrade surroundings, 26 may 2011

25 mei 2011: Proba @ Mikser

I've enjoyed the Mikser Festival, in Beograd, may 2011. I am a member of Proba. This choir is an initiative of the Škart collective for poetry and design. Our performance was a succes! :)

may 4, 2011: honeymoon

Jelena and me have spent a very nice honeymoon.

friday 29 april 2011: huwelijksinzegening

Jelena and me got married today!

dimanche 13 février 2011: systraq

Published a new systraq Debian package: systraq_0.0.20081217-3_all.deb. This version (or a later one) will likely end up on Debian wheezy (the current testing). (squeeze (the current stable) ships 0.0.20081217-1+squeeze2.1; sarge was the first Debian release which came with systraq: 0.0.20050213-4.) You can read about the changes in the Debian package and view some Debian developer information on the package. Thanks to Julien Valroff, Lucas Nussbaum and Mehdi Dogguy مهدي الدڤي for their help in building this new release.

vendredi 11 février 2011: blog

Yes, I finally have a "real" blog, at http://www.bewelcome.org/ and you can subscribe to it via RSS.

mercredi 18 août 2010: kookhoekje

't Is ongelofelijk maar waar: na meer dan zes jaar is er weer een aflevering van Joost's Kookhoekje verschenen. Overheerlijke Nassi deze keer.

dimanche 6 juin 2010: rwanda

Downtown Kigali, by Jenny and Randy aka hellotrain on their blog The Other Side of the FenceI'm back home from my first trip to Rwanda. Have visited the cities of Kigali (pictures) and Butare; have been working as a volunteer at the AfNOG-11 meeting's AfNOG Workshop 2010 at Kigali Institute of Technology. Furthermore, I've visited the IT department of Rwanda Development Board as well as National Universitsity of Rwanda. I've learned to enjoy Zingaru with Pilipili while having a "Mintzig" and am happy to have met the very kind people of Rwanda. I'll be back.

Melchior, Vuurfeest

Melchior, april 2010, door Yndra Tijdens het 6e vuurfeest maakte Virginie mooie foto's van o.a. Melchior.

caspar 100

26 Feb 2010: caspar's 100th anniversary!

Paris, M'Bilia Bel

Discovered the beautiful soukous as sung by Tabu Ley Rochereau and M'Bilia Bel M'Bilia Bel

Zondag 24 januari 2010: Jean Bosco Mwenda, Eekboek

Jean Bosco Mwanda aka Mwenda Wa
Bayeke Discovered Jean Bosco Mwenda's beautiful Congolese acoustic guitar music.

And did some Eekboek Debian uploads, too.

Dinsdag 29 december: Melchior

Melchior door CSer Toni, maart 2010Melchior is in da house.

Thu 6 Aug 2009

The CouchSurfing project truly kicks ass. I thought I knew it, but now I know it even better. An updated Mission statement has been published:

At CouchSurfing International, we envision a world where everyone can explore and create meaningful connections with the people and places they encounter. Building meaningful connections across cultures enables us to respond to diversity with curiosity, appreciation and respect. The appreciation of diversity spreads tolerance and creates a global community.

Next to this, this project is very open about financial details: at the "Finances"-link they give full details about the 2004 - 2008 Income and Operating Expenses.

O, and this week I've enjoyed one of my best hosting experiences :)

Sat 1 Aug 2009: debconf9

joostvb at DebConf9 Enjoyed (more pics, thanks to Wouter Verhelst e.a.) DebConf 9 in Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain, 23 - 30 July 2009. (And the Museo del Prado in Madrid, too; as well as yet another very good Couchsurfing experience.)

update: Even more and more pictures.

Wed 17 Jun 2009: fiets

Fietstocht gemaakt. Fiets- en wandeltochten staan sinds vandaag op de buitenpagina.

Sat, 13 Jun 2009

Patched ogg2mp3; see also the patched script.

Februari 21, 2009

Inspired by this post by Mark van Dijk, I wrote huisrekening, a script to compute payment schemes for payback among people who've all contributed (different) amounts of money to some common good. (A typical scenario for communities like student dorms.)

January 29, 2009

Released pgp-kspkeyserver-0.0.1.tar.gz.

January 28, 2009

Inspired by Philipp Wesche's whohas, I've written the first version of whohas2html. I've ran

$ update-whohashtml -d \
   archlinux,debian,fink,freebsd,gentoo,macports,netbsd,openbsd,ubuntu,fedora \
   < whohas.packages.txt > whohas.html

and collected the in- and output files.

January 27, 2009

Uploaded new Eekboek (Bookkeeping software for small and medium-size businesses) Debian package: eekboek 1.04.02-1 has entered the Debian archive. It will likely enter Debian unstable soonish. You can read about the changes in the Debian package. This version (or a later one) will likely end up in Debian squeeze (the current unstable). lenny (the current testing) won't ship eekboek. It'll also likely get shipped with Ubuntu. You can view some Debian developer information about the package, and browse its Version Control repository.

January 12, 2009

Monday january 12: Talk at Chaos Seminar in Ulm, Germany: mailman-pgp-smime, een project dat ondersteuning voor OpenPGP en S/MIME aan GNU Mailman wil toevoegen.

January 8, 2009

Uploaded the freedict-tools-dev 0.3-2 Debian package , as well as the freedict-eng-ara_0.6.1-1, freedict-ara-eng_0.6.1-1, freedict-lit-eng_0.4-1 and freedict-eng-lit_0.4-1 Debian source packages, as prepared by Kęstutis Biliūnas to Debian experimental. See the pkg-freedict page on Alioth if you'd like to help: there's still quite some work to do.

December 21, 2008

De 2e aflevering van het poeziefestival Westelbeers was zo mogelijk nog beter dan de eerste aflevering: met lekkere zelfgemaakte erwtensoep deze keer. Zie ook het verslagje van de vorige aflevering.

December 17, 2008

Published smallmailclient_0.2-beta-1_all.deb, a Debian package for the mail client for the Small Sister privacy system.

November 3, 2008

Found out about this nice and insightful article on How to recognise a good programmer at Daniel Tenner's blog.

October 12, 2008

Ik heb eindelijk het filmpje gevonden dat Source21.nl van me maakte over PGP. Dank aan John Jaarsveld voor de tip.

June 5, 2008

Released tremble 0.0.3.

May 5, 2008

The system I've bought in March is finally up and running. It's called bruhat.mdcc.cx, after Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat who wrote Analysis, Manifolds and Physics in 1977 with Cécile DeWitt-Morette. It's running Debian GNU/Linux, and powered by lvm, xfs, reiserfs, runit, socklog, netqmail and maildrop, a.o. See also my list of packages I can't live without.

April 10, 2008

Finally published ad1810-tachod. It's a simple script to annoy the user and chase her away from the computer when she shouldn't be working. (Published some other old scripts too.)

April 6, 2008

Found back a 1998-08 post of mine. Jee...

January 23, 2008

I am working on muladhara. Details will follow Real Soon Now.

The beginnings of the modern right cross
demonstrated in Edmund Price's The Science of Self Defense: A Treatise on
Sparring and Wrestling, 1867

august 7, 2001

[Here's an old entry, for people interested in history:] This site has moved to [topaz,] a machine with a somewhat more reliable internet connectivity. Read about the disasters which happened last two weeks here. You might find broken links, due to this move. I'm working on it. The documentation will stay at my homemachine.


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When people keep telling you that you can't do a thing, you kind of like to try it.

is attributed to her.

(Thanks to Ferdinand Francino and vormveranderaar Virginie Moerenhout for helping me finding this dedication for the domain.)


I am a happy yasigi.org, soleus and L² Transfinite Technologies www.conuropsis.org customer/participator. Hosted somewhere there are

Evan Prodromou has summarized all reasons for choosing hosters like conuropsis and Virtual Concepts on his 9_Thermidor_CCXIV blog entry.

If you're looking for hosting, you also might want to contact Moving Art Studio / all2all in Brussels. I never did any business with them. Their website however seems to indicate these people at least have some clue.


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xs4all, chello and connectivity

I bought internet connectivity from UPC Nederland from April 2000 until September 2003. Their product (which includes dhcp via a cable modem) is called Chello Broadband. (At that time they owned a monopoly on "permanent" internet connectivity in the area I live, btw.) If you buy your connectivity from chello in The Netherlands, be sure to check out COAX, "de landelijke belangenbehartiger van chello gebruikers". Other interesting link: Telekabel Gebruikers Vereniging (which does some UPC/Chello stuff too, it seems).

I've uploaded an .ini file for Thomson SpeedTouch modem.

Since September 2003, I'm using the XS4ALL account I bought in April 1999 for my connectivity. I'm much happier now :)

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