Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

name Joost Erik van Baal-Ilić
sex male
date, place of birth 1970, The Netherlands
address Eindhoven, The Netherlands
im irc: joostvb at OFTC and freenode


Joost van Baal-Ilić has more then 15 years of experience administering Linux and Unix servers in professional environments. He feels at home in the international community of Open Source software developers and is a well established speaker at international conferences. His skills in delivering maintainable and scalable software build systems (DevOps) have proven to add value to businesses in sofware development, as well as to scientific research labs.


Jul 2008 - current Owner of, delivering software, design and administration of IT systems as well as consultancy. ad1810 focusses on Software Packaging, Open Source, Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, System Administration, Customizing Linux Distributions, Linux, Unix, Email and DNS network technology. Particularly, projects for public administration and research institutions have been completed. These involved setting up a GNU build toolchain, analysis of webserver log files, as well as software packaging. In 2011, a project involving packaging scientific software for language technology has been completed for the Tilburg center for Cognition and Communication. The software now is integrated in the Debian GNU/Linux distribution, in Ubuntu Linux, Fedora Linux as well as in Mac OSX. This eases finding and installing this software, and invites external contributors to enhance the software. Proper care has been taken to hand over maintenance to TiCC employees by supplying documentation and organising a workshop. See also the press announcement at For another customer, active in small telemetry, security and domotica devices, the software stack for all platforms has been consolidated to one setup, using Debian's multistrap infrastructure. This yielded massive scaling benefits.

Nov 2002 - current Working as a Unix system administrator for the Tilburg University (UvT). With 4 other sysadmins responsible for maintaining more than 200 (as of February 2013) Debian GNU/Linux and Red Hat Linux systems, delivering the central IT infrastructure for the university. Introduced configuration file management system (SVN with caspar). Migrated infrastructure from Red Hat Linux and Solaris to Debian. Administering mail servers: Postfix, SpamAssassin with Bayesian engine, AMaViS virusfiltering; 40,000 local email adresses, 100,000 emails delivered per day (as of Nov 2007). Administering a few Apache webservers. Introduced Nagios monitoring and alerting system. Administering a Mailman server, running about 250 lists. Administering an Open Source Collaboration server,, which hosts a few Free Software projects and offers Mailman and Subversion. Administering a test and production server for 20 in-house PHP webapplications (with Oracle database client): a main part of the UvT IT infrastructure. Planning and performing several major Operating System upgrades of critical UvT servers (central DNS, LDAP and SMTP servers). This was done in place, with only very minimal user impact or downtime, using the heartbeat failover system. Set up an apt-able software distribution archive, so that local modifications to Debian packages can get easily distributed to the UvT Debian servers. Packaging software: for system management, from external parties, as well as in-house developed software. See below. Member of UvT-CERT team ( (Nov 2002 -- Mar 2007). Helped bootstrap the team, set up infrastructure. Mentoring interns, giving technical workshops, recruiting new system administrators.
Feb 2004 For Tilburg University, did consultancy for Unix and Linux System Administrators at Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria-North, South Africa.
May 2000 - Feb 2003 Working as a senior software developer for the LogReport foundation. Developing software and managing an international team of developers. Involved in both programming and architectural design. Leading the development of Lire, an Open Source suite of Perl and shell scripts for log file analysis and reporting. Presenting the project at various conferences, by giving lectures and publishing articles in proceedings. Recruitment for the developers team. Representing the developers team for the foundations' board, giving account to the board for the developments within the team and the project. (
Feb 1998 - Oct 2000 Working as an SMTP email Engineer for Origin (now Atos). Maintenance on global SMTP email networks. Development and maintenance of an automated reporting system. Developing software tools and interactive webpages for the SMTP team.
Nov 1997 - Jan 1998 Developing math tests for fresh Eindhoven University math students, on a free lance basis for the riaca research institute.


Attended courses on the C, C++ and Python programming languages, and on the sendmail and DNS internet services; visited conferences on the UNIX operating system. Driver's license; fluent in English: IELTS Band Score 8 (i.e. Very good user), tested January 2009; read French and German.

1996 - 1997 Technical University Eindhoven, Centrum Universitaire Lerarenopleiding, course for high school Math teachers.
1988 - 1996 Technical University Eindhoven, mathematics; graduated August 1996, master's thesis ( on functional analysis.


Packages for Debian Most of the packages I've maintained for the Debian distribution are listed at
In-house software In Sep 2006, autoconfiscated a Tilburg University project consisting of 2.4 MB of C and C++ source code. The software project started in 1999, some 20 developers have been working on the code during its lifetime. After converting the software's own build system, a 900 k tarball with "./configure" and "" was produced, greatly improving both maintainability and flexibility.
Mailman patch For SURFnet, Tilburg University and the NLnet Foundation, wrote a patch for GNU Mailman (Python), making it PGP and S/MIME aware, see
Cocoon for Debian Built a Debian package for Cocoon (Java), see
Nagios NRPE Made an RPM as well as a Solaris package for Nagios NRPE, available from
Postfix for Solaris Built a Postfix Solaris package, available from
Subversion RPM Tweaked the Subversion RPM package, diminishing dependencies, see
Installer package For the non-free software from the Dutch Taxoffice, created an installer Debian package, see
Autoconfiscation Autoconfiscated various Open Source software packages: mcl and zoem (both available from, crm114 (available from, and soci (
Solaris packaging Created CSBS, an m4-based set of macro's helping to create Solaris source packages, see

Software knowledge

Operating Systems Solid experience in operating UNIX: Debian GNU/Linux (using this OS as my main platform since 1998), Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Sun Solaris, Tru64 UNIX.
Sysadmin Solid experience in working with LVM, XFS, soft- and hardware RAID, Xen and KVM, Nagios and Heartbeat.

Internet Daemons Thorough knowledge of MTAs like sendmail, qmail and Postfix, nameservers like BIND and djbdns and the Apache webserver; furthermore solid experience in managing mailing lists (with e.g. Mailman) as well as experience in installing and managing IMAP servers; experience with the PostgreSQL and MySQL RDBMS. Solid experience in deploying email spamtagging with SpamAssassin and virus\-scanning using AMaViS.
Development Tools Solid experience with GNU automake, autoconf and libtool, GNU Make and the Subversion, GNU Arch and git Version Control systems. Solid experience in building Debian, RPM and MacOSX Fink packages, as well as in creating customized Linux distributions using Debian Multistrap.
Languages Solid experience in programming Perl, Python and in writing Bourne shell scripts; knowledge of writing m4, sed and awk scripts and of PHP and CGI; some experience in programming in C and C++.
Typesetting Thorough knowledge of SGML, DocBook XML and LaTeX.

Volunteer Work

Nov 2000 -- current Active as developer for the Debian project: packager of various softwares for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution (see, promoting the project on conferences, mentoring prospective Debian Developers.
Apr 2006 -- current Delivering technical presentations at various international Open Source events (see
Nov 2000 -- current System administration of some colocated DNS, email and web servers.
Nov 2001 -- current Founded the Eindhoven Open Source Interest Group, enosig ( Actively involved in this group.
Dec 2001 -- current Maintenance of software packages for system management. See
Mar 2008 -- current DJ at Eindhoven Cultural Workspaces Wei, TAC and Burgers.
2012 Presented a Debian GNU/Linux packaging workshop at various conferences and hackerspaces in The Netherlands (see
March 2012 Volunteered for the Turtle Conservation Project in Rekkawa, near Tangalle, Sri Lanka.
May 2010 Volunteered as a teacher at the AfNOG Workshop on Network Technology - Scalable Internet Services, part of the 11th AfNOG Meeting and the AfriNIC-12 Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda.
Mar 2005 -- Mar 2009 Organising PGP Keysigning Parties at FOSDEM and various other events.
2002, 2006, 2007 Member of the board of the association Centraal Wonen Strijp.
Feb 2003 -- May 2007 Administering the colocated server.
May 2005 With a small team, organised Software Freedom Day event at TOSti Tilburg: invited various speakers on Open Source.
Sep 2003 -- Dec 2004 Member of the board (chairman) of the LogReport foundation.
Oct 2003 Installed and configured the colocated server, recruited volunteers to take over the work.

Joost van Baal-Ilić loves music, food, art, and the city of Belgrade, and is a DJ and author of a vegetarian cookbook. He is married to Jelena van Baal-Ilić. Saving classic computer hardware since 2003. Pugilist since 2007. Practicing yoga since 2009.