what is systraq?

systraq is interesting for system administrators: it monitors your system and warns you when system files change. It sends you a daily email listing the state of your system. If critical system files or user access files (e.g. ~/.ssh/authorized_keys) have changed, you'll get an email within a shorter notice. It consists of few very small shell scripts. It can help you implement a (not too strict) security policy.

Take a look at the systraq manual, the systraq(8) manpage and the st_snapshot.hourly(1) manpage for more details.

Read the NEWS file to find out about status of latest release. The README file might be interesting too; the ChangeLog lists all the gory details.

systraq has a page on freshmeat. It has an entry in the FSF/UNESCO Free Software Directory too.


You can browse the download area, including an unpacked package.

If you want to install systraq on your system, you can download the tar ball, or you might prefer the .tar.bz2 compressed one. However, you're likely better of installing a prebuild package:


If you're running a Debian system, you can install the systraq Debian package. systraq is distributed with the Debian unstable release since 2005-01-09. It is shipped with Debian stable since the Debian "sarge" release.

You can see if there are any bugs in the systraq package reported. If you find a bug, please report it. If you're interested in tracking development of this package, you might like to subscribe to the systraq Debian package, using the Debian Package Tracking System: send an email with body "subscribe systraq" to

Systraq is shipped with Ubuntu Linux, via the Universe component since the Breezy release (October 2005).


Since 2004-01-11, systraq version control repository is done using Subversion on Alioth: Since 2004-11-22, systraq has a page on Alioth; ( just refers to this page.) Alioth offers a WebSVN interface, as well as public readonly SVN access via svnserve. Commit messages are sent to the mailing list.

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