WARNING Information on this page is probably obsolete! You're likely better off looking at and at the CRM114 released packages.

CRM114 is a Controllable Regex Mutilator and Spam Filter. Offered here is a repackaging of Bill Yerazunis's CRM114 tarballs. The official CRM114 releases are available from (that page links to this one).

Work on this alternative packaging was started 2003-12-05. Since 2004-02-25, Raul "moth" Miller publishes autoconfiscated tarballs too, with help from Peter E. Popovich. The canonical place for finding unofficial CRM114 downloads is

Some of the differences with official release: Bill's Makefile is replaced with configure and the tarball is autoconfiscated. Files listing BSD specific build tricks are removed. INSTALL file, documenting configure, added. Lib TRE not distributed with CRM114. See the NEWS file in the tarball for more detailed listing of changes, the README.1st file has some notes on this too.

Stuff here is build from CVS at SourceForge. Instructions on how to build from CVS are in tools/README in CVS.

You can browse the download area.

If you're running a Debian system, you can install the CRM114 Debian package. Ondřej Surý maintains the package in Sid. Thanks Ondřej!

For non-Debian systems, you might want to download the tar ball.

Some links to possibly obsolete files in the tarball (check the up-to-date-ness in the NEWS file):

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