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software, (co)authored or packaged by me

Some of my software is available via Debian and via Ubuntu. See this Debian QA page and my Ubuntu Launchpad page for overviews.

I am listed on the Low Treshhold NMU page: if you're a Debian developer, you're welcome to NMU my packages.

FIXME: I really should install some cia bot clients, and have CIA bots on some IRC channels (the LogReport one, e.g.).


In March 2005, I started working on the SURFnet Secure List Server, a patch making GNU Mailman OpenPGP and S/MIME-aware. Specs: A post will be distributed only if the PGP (or S/MIME) signature on the post is from one of the list members. For sending encrypted email, a list member encrypts to the public key of the list. The post will be decrypted and re-encrypted to the public keys of all list members. Finally, each subscriber can upload her PGP and S/MIME public key using the webinterface.

Since 2008-06 the project is funded by NLnet and known as mailman-pgp-smime, the Secure List Server.


Did some work on making pgp-kspkeyserver installable. pgp-kspkeyserver is a small OpenPGP Keyserver, it supports the "add" method only. It is usefull for people organising big KeySigning Parties, to collect keys prior to the party.


I've coauthored LogReport's Lire, a system to automatically generate useful reports from raw logfiles, and maintained the Debian package. Packaging now is done by Wolfgang Sourdeau.


systraq Is a bunch of monitoring scripts for system administrators.


Caspar offers Makefile snippets for common tasks.


Uruk, a wrapper for Linux iptables. Very simple, but useful if you need similar (but not the same) firewall configurations on lots of boxes.

debian flyer

I have taken over some work on the Debian flyer.

debian faq

I do some work on the Debian FAQ. There's also some meta information about this document.


draai: everybody seems to write his audio playlist manager tool. This is mine.


I've done the initial Debian packaging and some other minor work on the fair load balancing and failover daemon.


I've created a Debian package for the Aangifteprogramma 2005 and 2006 (ook T- en Tj-biljet), as supplied by Dutch belastingdienst.


I am comaintaining the FreeDict Debian packages. See also the sponsor request by Kestutis Biliunas.


A patched sysklogd Debian package, based upon the one by Martin Schulze, fixing Bug #44523: it used logrotate.


Packaged cocoon for Debian. Not (yet) shipped with Debian.

Debian package for Perl's DBD::Oracle

libdbd-oracle-perl, a Debian package of the DBD::Oracle CPAN module.

PHP linked with Oracle

PHP4 Debian package with support for Oracle database client.

OpenLDAP enhancement

Adapted the Debian OpenLDAP package: enabled LAN Manager passwords, as typically used by Active Directory. In November 2008, the package was available from


Built a Debian package for lemur, a Toolkit for Language Modeling and Information Retrieval, available from (November 2008). See also Debian Bug #504504: Request for Packaging: lemur.

jaxen, xom, tagsoup

Backported jaxen, the Java XPath engine, from Debian lenny to Debian etch. Backported xom (an XML object model for Java) and tagsoup (SAX-compliant parser for real-life HTML) too. Available from the apt-able archive.


authello, by Anton Sluijtman, Joost van Baal and Hans van den Dool autoconfiscates your Perl project by adding missing autotools files.


ghetto-stow, by Wessel Dankers, with some minor contributions by Joost van Baal, is a reimplementation in Perl of xstow.


uvt-sum by Wessel Danker (with some contributions by Joost van Baal) consists of sum-send and sum-recv, two tiny scripts which enable safely copying files across the network via ssh pipes.


zip-fetch by Joost van Baal is a quick-and-dirty shell script; it scp's and unzip's a .zip-file. The build-system is more interesting than the script itself.

sponsored debian uploads

Once in a while I do sponsored uploads to the Debian archive for packages by people who are in the New Maintainer queue, waiting to become official Debian Developers. I quality-check these packages. See also my entry on myon's sponsorstats page. A complete overview of my packaging work for Debian is available from my entry in the Debian Developer's Packages Overview page.


I've done a sponsored upload of the opendict Debian packages by Kestutis Biliunas.


Since 2005-09, I am helping Michael Hanke with the arno-iptables-firewall Debian package: I've done sponsored uploads.

software for windows

I maintain a collection of links to software for Microsoft Windows (and some links to documents for Microsoft Windows users too).

documentation and such

Technical documentation is available from

Some documents for GNU/Linux and Unix administrators are published at the Free Software project server at the Tilburg University, including

There's a collection of opions and rants: about Macromedia Flash, about spam in The Netherlands, and about other stuff.

There's a "GnuPG in 5 minuten" document, and a document describing the EZKSP Easy Key Signing Party Protocol.

There are some documents on tla, the GNU Arch revision control system: a tutorial on Converting a CVS (or SVN) repository to GNU Arch and one on Using a shared archive with GNU Arch.

There's a Sponsorship Checklist (interesting mainly for Debian Developers doing Sponsored Uploads).

I have collected some links helping to make Microsoft Windows less insecure.

Notes for a presentation on email (mentioning greylisting, sender verification and other stuff about fighting spam) (in dutch).

A short introduction to creating Debian packages and some notes on the Debian project infrastructure, written for dealing with software developed by Tilburg University's ILK Research Group for Linguistic Knowledge.

readonly access to version control repositories

Some not-yet packaged stuff is in my GNU Arch repositories. Have a look at that (and at not yet released updates) via these links to my checked Arch stuff. The software there very likely is only usable by me, buggy, obsolete or of bleeding edge quality in other ways. If this doesn't scare you, do (example for the draai package):

you@yourhost:~/arch% tla register-archive\{archives\}/2005-draai
you@yourhost:~/arch% tla get draai

old stuff

Some stuff which I'm no longer (co)maintaining and/or is no longer maintained and/or old and/or obsolete stuff.


A small System V style init script by me to start and stop svscan, a daemontools tool. No longer maintained!


A patch to qmail, to offer TLS and AUTH LOGIN in qmail-remote. It was announced on the qmail mailinglist. No longer maintained!


During 2001 and 2002, I have done some work on a Debian package for Jos Boersema's manpages-nl. The source is on the ftp server. I have dropped this package, since it seemed not to be maintained upstream any more. However, Wouter Verhelst has taken over maintenance of the package. Thanks Wouter! The manpages-nl Debian package gets generated from the doc-linux-nl Debian source package now, it seems. The manpages-nl mailinglist and webpage are both dead.


During 2000 - 2002 I've maintained the Debian package for blackened, an irc client. by Timothy "Toast" Jensen. Orphaned in Jan 2003.


In 2004, I've autoconfiscated CRM114, the Controllable Regex Mutilator by Bill Yerazunis. Unfortunately, the CRM114 autoconfiscation project is stalled. Someone might give it a shot again, some day. Who knows.


Unless someone has taken maintainance over, the cabot software is unmaintained since about 2005-08.

I've contributed some stuff to Peter Palfrader's cabot, a set of scripts that help managing some parts of a GnuPG / PGP keysigning process. A mailinglist plus an archive are available. See the current README file for more info on what it's all about.


In 2004, I've done some sponsored uploads of Lionel Mamane's Debian packaging of scsh. (And for gnotepad+-help, cle and sork-passwd too.) On 2005-01-19, Lionel got accepted as a Debian developer: no more need for me to sponsor.


In 2004, I've done some sponsored uploads of Kees Leune's PCProxy (which is no longer maintained and has been removed from Debian, see Bugs #425780 and #425751) Debian package.


Since 2002, I maintained a Debian package of Stijn van Dongen's mcl, a Markov Cluster algorithm in C. One can read about it (and get the source) on Stijn's website. It is in the official Debian archive. I've orphaned it on 2007-11-24; has been adopted by a new maintainer.


Since May 2003, I've been maintaining a Debian package for zoem, an interpretive macro language, for creating mark-up languages, by Stijn van Dongen. It is shipped with Debian. In Nov 2007 I've requested a new maintainer. Since Jan 2008 Tobias Toedter maintains the zoem package for Debian.


In May 2006, I have packaged Stone Steps Webalizer, a Web server log file analysis program, for Debian. If you'd like to help, read the README.devel file. There still is lots of stuff TODO. I've orphaned the package on 2007-12-05.


CSBS, the Common Solaris Build System, enables creating Solaris binary and source packages.


autobook is a package of a book by Gary V. Vaughan e.a. called "Autoconf, Automake and Libtool", a tutorial for the GNU Autotools.

UvT Scan

I've autoconfiscated uvtscan, a network audit tool by Kees Leune.

Postfix Solaris packages

For the Tilburg University I've packaged postfix for Solaris. See the announcement.

Nagios' NRPE and plugins

Debian and RPM packages for Nagios' NRPE. Solaris packages for Nagios Plugins. For the Tilburg University.


I've made a Debian package for python-xlrd. See RFP #366137 and this discussion.


I've done some sponsored uploads of Kees Leune's Metar Debian package. Last metar uploads were done by Guus Sliepen: I no longer sponsor metar.

apt-able archive

Some backports of Debian packages are available. See for more information: that's where I (and my UvT-colleagues) upload to. For Debian packages for current releases, use the official Debian mirrors.

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