what is uruk?

Uruk is a wrapper for Linux iptables. It's implemented as a simple shell script. It's especially useful if you need similar (but not the same) firewall configurations on lots of boxes.

Take a look at the README file, at the script's manpage, at the script's resource file manpage, and at an example rc file.

Read the NEWS file to find out about status of latest release.


You can browse the download area, including an unpacked package.


If you're running a Debian system, you can install the uruk Debian package. Uruk is distributed with the Debian unstable release since early november 2005; it gets shipped with Debian stable since the Debian "etch" release. (This means uruk is shipped with "bookworm" and "trixie" too.)

You can see if there are any bugs in the uruk package reported. If you find a bug, please report it. If you're interested in tracking development of this package, you might like to subscribe to the uruk Debian package, using the Debian Package Tracking System: send an email with body "subscribe uruk" to pts@qa.debian.org.

Uruk is shipped with Devuan GNU+Linux since Devuan's beginnings in 2016.

Uruk is shipped with Ubuntu Linux, via the Universe component since the Dapper release (October 2005).

If you're running an RPM based system like Fedora Linux you can install the uruk RPM package. Source RPMs are available too. The RPM's are build on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux box: some Red Hat-isms might have crept in the RPM. Please let me know if you find any bug.

For other systems, you might want to download the tar ball. NB: Currently (2024) Uruk needs iptables, so likely works on Linux-systems only.


Uruk is maintained using git. This means you can get a fresh development copy by running

 git clone http://git.mdcc.cx/uruk.git

(and, if you're interested in the uruk packaging code (.deb, RPM):

 git clone http://git.mdcc.cx/uruk-pkg.git

If you'd prefer to use your webbrowser, a nightly updated checkout is available from http://mdcc.cx/git/wd/uruk/; the code for the Uruk Debian and RPM package is available from http://mdcc.cx/git/wd/uruk-pkg/.

If you'd just like to see the recent changes in the code, you can take a peek at Uruk's NEWS and the changelog of the uruk Debian package.


If you don't like uruk for some reason, and need help in choosing another IPtables frontend, the information on the Debian Wiki page on Firewalls is likely useful.


Up to October 3, 2003 uruk was known as "AD1810 Firewall".

Since 2004-06-05, Uruk has a project page on Gna!. Since 2010-07, this page is to be considered obsolete.

From 2004-09-27 till 2010-06-24 Uruk was maintained using GNU Arch using gna.org.

Joost van Baal-Ilić