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Joost van Baal-Ilić

short bio

Joost van Baal-Ilić (Aarle-Rixtel, 1970) is a Beuysian since 1985, an international hitchhiker since 1986, housing a cat since 1990 (currently cat-less, divorced last cat), a biker since 1991, ex-punkband guitar player (started 1989) since 1993, online as joostvb since 1994, and a DJ and author of a vegetarian cookbook since 1995. Debian developer since nov 27, 2000, using and advocating PGP since 2000. Have been working on Lire, LogReport's log analyzer (2000 - 2014). Free software advocate since 2001. Saving classic computer hardware since 2003. Was hacking on Mailman (2005 - 2010). Pugilist since 2007. Since April 6, 2008, I am a CouchSurfer. (And since 2010 a member of BeWelcome (and since 2014 a member of trustroots.)) Owner of ad 1810 since 2008. Yogi since 2009. Married to Jelena Ilić since 2011. Joost works and lives in Tilburg , , The Netherlands. See Joost's private website at for more information.

Joost, studying the menu, august 2015, Gran Canaria

work and other aspects of daily life

Joost, hacking

Since July 2008, I am a selfemployed Open Source Software developer and Unix System Administrator. ad 1810 is the name of the company.

Sinds januari 2008 "zit ik op" Hyves.

Since September 2007, I am a pugilist.

Since November 2002, I'm working as a Unix and GNU/Linux system administrator for the Tilburg University.

Since November 2001 I am active in enosig, the EindhoveN Open Source Interest Group. Join it, if you live in or near Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and are interested in free software.

Until October 2000, I worked for Origin, now called Atos Origin.

Since November 2000 I'm active as a Developer for Debian. Debian packages are here.

Since May 2000 I'm working and volunteering for the LogReport project.

Since early 2000 I am user joostvb on various IRC chat networks.

I used to sell Debian Tshirts.

In 1998 I started using Debian GNU/Linux, I ran the hamm release.

Until Februari 1998, I worked for RIACA. I've built an interactive math website, called McMath, there. As of 2007-10, the site was still hosted, at

I am a DJ since 1995.

At about 1994 I started to use Unix: SunOS at that time. I've used an Irix workstation too, in 1997.

Since about february 1994 I use email.

Here is my resume, in Dutch and English, in HTML, PostScript and various other formats. (Thanks go out to Marianne Driessen, hobo, Ine van Baal, Ton, Juul and Xaa for proofreading and correcting my steenkolige English.)

Here is my master's thesis, about a class of Schrödinger-Diffusion-equations on a dense subspace of the dual space of a Schwartz space. (In dutch only.)


Een kookboekje dat ik in 1997 schreef, in verschillende formaten. De papieren versie is uitverkocht. Je zult dus zelf met de printer in gevecht moeten. Met dank aan het esvblad, het blaadje van de Eindhovense Studenten Vakbond. Ook zijn er nog wat Kookhoekjes online.


I am joostvb on IRC. You might be able to find me on the freenode irc servers, the OFTC network or on is one of the freenode servers. Others are listed on's server list. For OFTC, checkout General info on irc can be found on

You can mail me.

In case you're planning to visit me: here's a routebeschrijving. See also the OpenStreetMap map: the building is at Strijpsestraat, between Den Bult and St Severusstraat, at the opposite side of Engelsbergenstraat.

You can get my PGP public key on the keyserver network and from this webserver.

I have a profile on linkedin.

I am active at and maintain a blog there, available via RSS. And also at Diaspora (there's a (Atom-ized) blog there too).

(sligthly) related sites

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personal data

Joost thuis, met IJsbrand die heel goed helpt There's some poetry in dutch (and english also) I like.

Some funny little lists, about math and language.

I've collected some pictures of me and other people. If you're interested in what Eindhoven looks like, be sure to check out Koef's beautiful collection of pictures of the Randweg Eindhoven.

My verlanglijst/wishlist.


Links to software, written and/or maintained by me, are on the software page of this server.

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Joost van Baal-Ilić