Some history about the machines at the site / Joost van Baal's home network.

In august 2008, (former desktop, Debian GNU/Linux on Intel, running udhcpd and lprng printservice) was shut down. It was about time: it has been operational since december 1998.

Since may 2008, (amd64) is my main desktop.

In december 2007, (OpenBSD, SPARC, running nsd) was shut down.

At about june 2007, L²TT did shut topaz down. The end of an era :( . The machine agate, administered by Lionel, took over some of its tasks.

In may 2007, this website moved from by L² Transfinite Technologies to, a Virtual Concepts maintained machine.

Since january 2006, my music collection is stored on a raid1 volume, on host gelfand. Hilbert, the former file server, suffered from disk malfunctions. I've shut it down.

Since november 2004 I am no longer running OpenBSD, but Debian GNU/Linux on my firewall: is doing its work now, and replaces

In october 2004, Infolab donated stegun, a Sun ULTRA 10, formerly known as Thanks a lot Infolab, Hoppie and Kees!

In september 2004 (2004-09-11), the disk of my main workstation at home started to die. Since 2004-09-21, the system is up and running again on two new disks. It's now using software raid, lvm2 and xfs. Thanks Lionel and Wessel for helping me.

The host has an AAAA DNS record since june 2004: ssh access is offered via IPv6 (it was about time...). Thanks to Lionel for helping me making my network IPv6-enabled, and for Sander Smeenk for slaving my reverse IPv6 DNS zone.

In may 2004, Bertjan Busser donated me hille, a Sun Ultra 5. It is running OpenBSD. Thanks a lot Bertjan!

Since january 2004, your IP connection to gelfand is being routed via a firewall called yosida (150 MHz Intel Pentium 75 - 200 CPU, 32 MB Ram), running OpenBSD 3.4.

From september 2003 till January 2004, your IP connection to gelfand is being routed via a firewall called schilow (Intel Pentium I CPU, 120 MHz, 16 MB RAM), kindly donated by Ruud van Baal. The machine runs OpenBSD 3.3. It was shut down due to frequently random segfaults and kernel oopses. The hardware was probably getting flaky.

Since august 2003, I have an IP at home from xs4all using ADSL. The new firewall I'm using for this IP is running OpenBSD. I've migrated to using PowerDNS and pdns for DNS, and Postfix for email.

Furthermore, there was a Sun SPARCStation 20 connected. It was a dual boot Debian GNU/Linux sid - SunOS 5.7, kindly donated by Erik "Digger" van Duren. In april 2003 I've donated the box to Walter.

At about june 2003, L²TT took over maintenance of topaz (hosting this website) from me and Joost Kooij (and Lionel Mamane, IIRC).

From late 1998 till january 2003, gelfand was my desktop. At that date, I moved my desktop to nagy, a AMD Athlon XP 1800 (1,47GHz), 512 MB RAM, 60GB harddisk.

Menno Plugers offered me a pc which was a triple boot machine, running Christoph Lameter's TelemetryBox, Debian GNU/Linux and Debian GNU/Hurd. This host was called stegun, on august 2002 the power fan broke. I didn't boot it after that.

Since august 2002, hilbert (Intel Pentium II, 300MHz, 160MB ram) is up. It is a multiple boot machine: GNU/Hurd, Debian GNU/Linux and FreeBSD. It does fileserving. Donated to me by Lionel.

The machine doing firewalling until januari 2001, called schilow, did fileserving only till November 2002. This host, an Intel 486 with 8MB Ram, ran Debian GNU/Linux. It was shut down December 29, 2002.

From january 2001 until September 2003, I ran my firewall on "yosida". It ran OpenBSD 3.0 at that time. The hardware is kindly donated by ADCOM Computeropleidingen.

The first boot of was in november 2000; it served this website. At about may 2007 it got replaced by

The machine doing firewalling from april 2000 (when I got connectivity from Chello) until August 2001, called rolle (Intel 486 CPU, 16 MB Ram), running OpenBSD 2.8, was kindly donated by Erin in october 2000. I've donated it to Joost Kooij in february 2002.

The machine doing firewalling from july 2000 until January 12, 2001 was called lebesgue. This host (Intel 386 CPU, 1.25 bogomips, 4 MB ram, running Debian GNU/Linux) was generously donated by Studentenkerk Maranatha in Tilburg, february 2000. Thanks, Studentenkerk!

Since april 2000, the domain is in the air.

Probably in december 1998 I got my first internet connection at home.

Late 1998 I started using gelfand as my desktop. This host is named after I.M. Gelfand, who wrote I.M. Gelfand und G.E. Schilow, Verallgemeinerte Funktionen (Distributionen), VEB Deutscher Verlag der Wissenschaften, Berlin, 1960.

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