PGP Keysigning Party

A PGP Keysigning Party is a meeting where people exchange "PGP key fingerprints" in a secure way. These meetings are quite often fun too. Exchanging key fingerprints enables one to strengthen the "web of trust". A stronger web of trust makes more secure communication using the internet possible. For instance, the content of your emails cannot be read by others. Even if your key has already been signed by others, it's useful to attend such a party: the more people have signed your key, the more trustworthy your key can be to others.

It's not unlikely you're thinking now: "What on earth is this all about!?" If so, read the document "GnuPG in 5 Minuten" at (It's available in Dutch only. Some english texts are: The Wikipedia article on PGP, the The GNU Privacy Handbook and "How to not look lost at a key-signing", a quick howto by Steve Kowalik. More (english) pointers are in the "GnuPG in 5 Minuten" document.)

So, you want to attend such a party. Be sure you have:

and bring with you:

After the party you can check the fingerprints you've been given by others, and start signing keys. See the references given above for details.

Joost van Baal