CSBS - Common Solaris Build System

This is CSBS: the Common Solaris Build System. One of this systems goals is to make it easier to create something which could be called a Solaris Source Package. The work is maintained using GNU Arch. You can fetch the repository by running:

tla register-archive joostvb-arch@mdcc.cx--2005-csbs \
 tla get joostvb-arch@mdcc.cx--2005-csbs/csbs--mainline--0.1 csbs

If you're not a Arch user, but want to have a peek at the stuff anyway, go to my checked out working copy.

Perhaps I can convince one of the Solaris package archive people (Mark Ashley Solaris Package Archive, Steven M. Christensen's sunfreeware.com and Blastwave by Dennis Clarke e.a.) to publish CSBS style solaris source packages, one day. We'll see.

See http://mdcc.cx/csbs/csbs-wd/csbs.html for more information.

JvB, March 2005